Veeral P. Lakhani – Chief Executive Officer

In many ways, Veeral’s very first job after graduating from New York University’s renowned Stern School of Business, working for a children’s internet and media company that proudly outlasted the dot com boom, was a preview of his rare ability to identify—and capitalize on—emerging trends.

Veeral’s extensive entrepreneurial experience includes a stint in India, where he co-founded Sunivera Communications, one of the earliest international call centers to provide services from India to clients stateside, while also initiating a joint venture with the prolific east Indian conglomerate, the billion-dollar Dalmia Group, growing the company to great heights. Upon exiting, he returned to the United States and became a crucial catalyst for Reliable Group’s international expansion.

In addition to being at the operational helm of India-based IT solutions providers like Ledger Solutions Pvt. Ltd. and Raisol Developers Pvt. Ltd., Veeral co-founded a number of non-profit organizations, coordinating the funding for a trio of India-based primary schools and a specialty school, serving the hearing-impaired.

With his management muscle and astute business development acumen, coupled alongside a penchant for constant discovery and exploration, Veeral’s creative leadership enables and fortifies the significant growth spurt Reliable Group maintains today.

veeral lakhani